What should I serve with wagyu beef? Surprisingly, there are many viable options. While Wagyu originated in Japan, it is now available worldwide. This high-quality cut is perfect for Japanese cooking and dining. However, what should be served with wagyu beef to maximize the wow factor?

It may be tough to decide when you have such a delectable meal and are unsure of what to match with a Wagyu steak. There is no ideal complimentary response. A frequent option is a bland meal or a mild beverage that achieves an exquisite balance of flavors. Maintain an uncomplicated Wagyu and include strong tastes and sophisticated methods into your pairings for the most genuine and pleasant experience.

This post will reveal how to make your dining experience with Wagyu beef unforgettable by matching it with the perfect appetizers, side dishes, desserts, and wine options. Let’s take a look at some of the best pairing with Wagyu beef.


Appetizers are an essential element of dining that contributes to your enjoyment and satisfaction. Preparing something light and delectable before the main dish will help balance out the heartiness of the entrée. It will provide a nice counterpoint to the richness of the main dish.

You can’t go wrong with a charcuterie platter that has generous quantities of blue cheese, cheddar cheese, goat cheese, salami, and prosciutto. On an angle, thinly slice a baguette and roast half of it on a baking sheet. Serve it with jam, olives, and fresh fruit as an accompaniment.

Side Dishes

Choosing what to serve with your Wagyu cuts of beef may be a challenge. But don’t get too worked up over it. As a general rule, when cooking any beef, choose ingredients that complement the meat’s rich or smoky flavors.

Sauteed Brussel sprouts, asparagus, slightly wilted spinach or finely sliced brussels sprouts are all good options. A little bit of garlic can be a good idea, but it is important not to overpower the Wagyu flavor. It goes nicely with neutral vegetables like leeks, sautéed mushrooms, and baked potatoes, among other things. Butter, salt, pepper, olive oils, and butter are all seasonings that go well with every side dish or vegetable.

A side salad made of fresh pea shoots, herbs, and flat-leaf parsley may be aesthetically attractive and tasty as a complement to the main course. To conclude the meal, you may add a drizzle of olive oil to enhance the rich Wagyu taste and texture without detracting from the whole experience.

As a starch, a simple baked potato or mashed potato is an excellent option to consider. If you want to include grain in your dish, rice pilaf and couscous are both excellent choices.


It is possible to serve Wagyu steak with any of your favorite wines. Wagyu steak is typically served with red wine to complement its rich flavor. It has to be of the highest possible quality. For the best results, the wine should be rich and juicy to balance out the high-fat level of the meat.

However, to discover the ideal combination, we must first look at the Wagyu beef. Known for its rich marbling, unparalleled softness, and delicate, buttery taste, the beef is a delicacy in Japan. It would be best if you serve wagyu steak with a wine that complements the meat. Using a solid umami flavoring wine to pair with Wagyu meat is simple and effective.

This main meal would be best paired with a smooth, bright, and acidic medium- to full-bodied wine with more robust tannins and more acidity. Choose solid and silky reds that will balance the buttery tastes and complement the high-fat level of the beef.

We suggest combining wagyu beef with a classic, delicate red wine such as Beringer, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Syrah. These wines are silky smooth with a touch of sweetness and savory, ideal for Wagyu steak dinners. It will also be good to have a nice bottle of Right-Bank Bordeaux Merlot Shiraz, Shiraz, Sangiovese.

Generally, the rarer the steak, the stronger the wine. When paired with traditional Japanese sake, which is a unique combination, Wagyu tastes excellent.


Even though you are stuffed after eating a delicious piece of Wagyu steak, you still have a sweet desire for something sweet. The choice is entirely up to the individual’s personal preference.

Choose a lighter and fruitier dessert if you want something sweet. To round off your dinner, serve a light and sumptuous fruit-forward mousse-based pie, sorbet, or zesty baked dish as dessert to your guests. Another delicious dessert option is a rich chocolate torte or ganache with sour cherry juice as the flavoring agent.

Adding a cup of freshly ground single estate coffee to your experience will make it even better. Ethiopian coffee pairs well with desserts such as chocolate torte or blueberry because of the rich fruit tastes found in Ethiopian coffee. Choose between espresso or a long Americano as your beverage of choice.

Final Thoughts

Even though meal pairings seem incredible, always bear in mind that your Wagyu beef is the star of the show. When selecting a side dish to complement your steak dinner, use mild-flavored veggies that will not overpower the flavor profiles of that beautiful steak. Similarly, when matching wines, select acidic, medium-bodied, or full-bodied wines. Finally, finish your Wagyu experience with your favorite dessert or cup of coffee.

You may serve wagyu beef with various appetizers, side dishes, desserts and wine. It will undoubtedly distinguish your eating experience from the others. It can turn any ordinary dinner into the most sumptuous meal of the year. Furthermore, Wagyu beef is a fantastic option for all special events such as weddings and birthdays. 

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