The wagyu beef craze is here, and ever since it has been introduced to the public, it became one of the most coveted meats today. Eating wagyu is an experience. To describe its taste will have you lost for words—it’s that amazing.

But here, we will talk about that delicious, mouth-watering wagyu beef flavor. If you haven’t eaten one yet, you’re missing out on a lot! So, let’s dive in, shall we?

Wagyu Beef is Incomparable

There are different kinds of beef, but wagyu beef is something else. Japanese wagyu beef is the premium type of all the wagyu beef out there; next to it is the American wagyu beef.

The difference between the two is the Japanese wagyu is purebred, while American wagyu is crossbred. But don’t fret; the marbling in the American wagyu is still beautiful that will bring an intense, buttery flavor.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s no difference in flavor. Japanese wagyu beef brings a sweet umami flavor with that melt-in-the-mouth goodness.

On the other hand, American wagyu has less marbling; therefore, there’s less melt-in-your-mouth sensation and it doesn’t bring in that sweet umami flavor. Nevertheless, American wagyu remains delicious.

The thing is, you can eat more American wagyu than Japanese wagyu beef because the latter becomes too overwhelming.

THE Wagyu Beef Flavor

Now, what does it really taste like? The easiest way to describe wagyu beef flavor is HEAVEN. However, that won’t be enough. So, let’s dive into it!

Wagyu beef is extremely rich, fatty, and has more marbling compared to other meats. The marbling is due to the intramuscular fat that makes it so tender and juicy.

It’s rich and flavorful, which is why eating Japanese wagyu can get overwhelming after a few bites. You can enhance the flavor of wagyu by adding some side dishes, such as different vegetables.

Moreover, expect a buttery mouthfeel to it, so different textures are added to the plate when consuming wagyu. It leaves a sweet finish that you can balance with something sour, like a bottle of wine for more satisfaction.

Due to the flavor of the beef, it doesn’t need much when cooking—only a few seasonings or even just a touch of salt will do.

With all of that said, indeed, eating wagyu beef is an experience that you shouldn’t pass up on.

Quality Over Anything Else

If you want to make the most out of your wagyu beef experience, it’s crucial to get quality wagyu beef. Due to the extreme popularity of this beef, there are now plenty of companies that sell wagyu; however, not all of them are of the highest quality.

When it comes to eating wagyu beef, you want the real experience; therefore, take the time to research and purchase quality wagyu beef from reputable meat suppliers. If you plan to eat out, research restaurants that serve the best wagyu.

Once again, wagyu beef is an experience—make sure that you have the best one.