In the world of beef, it’s impossible to say no to wagyu. For people who haven’t tried it yet, wagyu has sure come up. It’s that tender, fatty, and rich in umami steak that doesn’t come easily. If you want to try it, you need to be willing to shell out quite a huge amount of money

With this, this type of beef is considered a delicacy, and consider yourself honored when you get to try it. 

It All Goes Back to the Cow

One of the things that set wagyu beef apart is the cow. Sure, all cows are all the same, but it all comes down to how they’re raised to make high-quality meat. 

These cows are raised in a stress-free environment with limited movement. If stress is dangerous to humans, so is to animals. Stress produced cortisol that can affect the quality of beef. Therefore, these cows are kept in a stress-free environment and pampered like kings. 

Since wagyu beef comes all the way from Japan, the breeders in the country go to great lengths to give these focus a life that is zen. Noise is controlled around the animals to ensure that they don’t scare, they’re well-hydrated with a fresh supply of water, and there’s no feud here. Cows that don’t get along are separated from each other. 

Furthermore, in Japan, these flows are free to roam in open pastures. The country has open-air farms that allow farmers to get monitored easily and quickly. Here, you’re sure that these cows can are checked at least every four hours every day. 

Why Is It so Good

So, why is it such a delicacy? It’s all about the texture and flavor it bring. `Wagyu beef is tender and full of flavor that makes the whole eating experience an enjoyable one—it’s something that will definitely make you happy! 

See, wagyu beef has a melting point lower than the human body temperature, which is why it melts in the mouth. Also, due to the proper care of cows that produce wagyu, they have longer lives, which positively impacts the flavor and quality of the meat. 

Authentic Japanese beef is extremely tender and full of so much flavor, thanks to its intense marbling. It carries unique qualities you won’t find in other types of meat. In fact, it’s hard to achieve, and even American Wagyu doesn’t even come that close, but it’s still good. Nonetheless, nothing beats wagyu beef from Japan. 

Besides its delicious taste, wagyu beef is good for you as well. It is packed with high monounsaturated gats, omega-3 and omega-6 compared to other types of beef. Finally, it’s his in conjugated linoleum acid, the naturally-occurring fatty acid that is a popular dietary supplement. 

The Different Wagyu Cuts 

To add to the flavor of wagyu, how it’s cut can make a difference; therefore, there are different wagyu cuts. It goes without saying that the most popular wagyu beef cut is sirloin, which is used to make Wagyu steak or sukiyaki. 

Coming close to sirloin cut is the rib roast that provides a good balance between lean and marbled meat. This type of wagyu beef cut is usually used for shabu-shabu, wherein the beef is sliced thinly and cooked only for a short period. 

The cut of the wagyu beef, as mentioned, can affect the flavor of the mean. A good example is the Japanese Black Wagyu that is used in many dishes, but if you want to try the unique cuts of thus type, you can by eating it in Japanese barbecue style. 

Another wagyu beef cut is the filet, which is the thick side of tenderloin. It does have less marbling, but it carries an exquisite aroma and tenderness. You will find this type of cut used for teppanyaki. 

Surprisingly, the rarest and most expensive cut of wagyu isn’t the best cut, but it’s still worth every bite. The chateaubriand is the thickest part of the tenderloin. Therefore, it’s only a small amount per cow, which is also why it’s rare. It has incredible marbling and flavor that makes for a delicious steak. 

Another pried cut of wagyu beef is the zabuton, which is the outside of the chuck roll. It has excellent marbling, which is why it’s one of the most marbled cuts you can find today, and intense flavor. With this cut, you will truly experience that melt-in-the-mouth goodness.

A bit budget-conscious but still want to give wagyu a try? You can still have a bite of it by choosing katashin, a wagyu cut in the chuck portion. It’s perfect for those who are budget conscious because it’s more affordable. Don’t be discouraged, though. It has great flavor, still, and you can definitely enjoy the wagyu experience with this cut! 

Now, there is also the brisket cut, which has a more chewy texture. In most yakiniku restaurants, you can get this at a more affordable price because they tend to cut this thinly to help with chewing. You don’t need to worry, though. Rest assured, it comes from a high-grade cow, which means you can still experience all that wagyu goodness with this one!

Finally, for elegant flavor, you might want to explore the chuck tender with net-like marbling. It’s best to have it cooked rare or medium rare; plus, it’s also perfect if you’re conscious about your budget and not ready to spend a lot of money on meat. 

Wagyu: An Experience You Shouldn’t Pass Up On

Now that you know why wagyu is considered a delicacy, it’s time you try out one. Although this will cost you money, the experience will be worth it. In fact, you might end up looking for it once you’ve tried it. 

Another thing about wagyu is to ensure you’re getting the best quality of meat from a reputable meat company to guarantee you’re getting authentic wagyu. If you plan to eat out, do know that only a few restaurants have the best wagyu, which is why you need to research properly.