Wagyu beef is so special; in fact, it’s one of the most delicious beef in the world. Its beautiful marbling is one-of-a-kind that also contributes to its price. 

If you happen to have a piece of this in your home, grilling it is a great cooking method. However, you need to know how to do it right. This is also one of the reasons most of the best home cooks get grillers’ anxiety when they are presented with a Wagyu steak. After all, the beef is one of the best (if not THE best) and ruining it could be heartbreaking. 

Don’t worry! We can help you grill a Wagyu steak right. It’s a simple process—all you need is to follow them and know some tips. 

How to Grill a Wagyu Steak

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to grill wagyu steak: 

  1. Thaw For at Least An Hour

Before you grill your Wagyu steak, thaw it for at least an hour before you prep the meat for grilling

  1. Prep the Grill

While you thaw the wagyu beef, you can prep the grill and warm it up to 500 degrees. You can add a bit of oil to the surface while you’re doing this. 

  1. Prep the Wagyu Steak

When the wagyu steak is properly thawed, it’s time to wipe them down with a paper towel to eliminate any excess moisture.

  1. Season the Wagyu

Once the wagyu steaks are completely dry, it’s time to season them. Rub in salt, pepper, and other steak seasonings that you want into the meat. If you have it on hand, the best type of salt to use for Wagyu steak is sea salt, as it can take the beef to the next level. 

  1. Grill the Wagyu

It’s grilling time! Place the steaks on the grill slats and close the slid for three to five minutes. Flip the steaks over and cook for another three to five minutes. 

If you like your Wagyu steak rare, remove them immediately. On the other hand, if you want it medium-rare, cook for another three minutes, while you need to cook for another six minutes if you want your steak to be medium-well. 

A meat thermometer would be handy in this as well. Using one will allow you to see the temperature of your steak. 

Here are the meat temperatures for steak that your thermometer can read: 

  • Rare: 125 F
  • Medium-rare: 135 F
  • Medium: 145 F
  • Medium-well: 150 F
  • Well-done: 160 F
  1. Finish With Butter or Herbs (or both)

In a small bowl, melt a tablespoon or more of butter. You can add a clove of garlic if you want to. Baste the steak with a spoon for the last time to soften the charred exterior. Furthermore, this will more flavor and richness to the steak. 

You can also finish it off with some fresh herbs, like thyme, to allow the aroma and oils from the herb another flavor profile. 

  1. Let the Meat Rest

When you’re done cooking your wagyu steaks, let them rest on a chopping board for five minutes before you slice and serve them. 

Wagyu Grilling Tips

Grilling Wagyu steaks may seem easy, but it can be intimidating for some. Also, it’s excellent to know some tips to help you on your way. 

  • Choose the right cut: There are different cuts for Wagyu steaks you can buy. You can get a standard cut like a ribeye or go for a flank steak. Since Wagyu steak is expensive, the good news is, you don’t need to get a tomahawk to get the full experience. You can choose other and lesser-known cuts but still carry such heavenly taste, such as the flap steak and chuck eye steak. 
  • Store the Wagyu steak properly: When you order Wagyu steak online, your meat will arrive completely or partially frozen in vacuum-sealed packaging, in which you need to place it straight in the freezer until you’re ready to grill them. 
  • Don’t be afraid to season: Sprinkle that salt and don’t be afraid of it. As much as possible, be generous with it! 
  • Sear surfaces for thicker steaks: If you have a thicker steak over 2.5 cm, it’s best to sear the surfaces first to help them retain moisturizing during cooking. Doing so will result in a nice browned color. To sear a thick Wagyu steak, preheat the pan and sear each side for one to two minutes before you switch to moderate heat to finish cooking. 
  • Have a thermometer: Having a meat thermometer in your kitchen will always come in handy and it will be helpful in wagyu steak grilling to ensure the steak isn’t dry. The thermometer can help you test the meat for doneness. 
  • Always rest the meat: Make sure you remove the steak before it’s fully cooked and rest it for five minutes. As you rest it, the temperature will rise several degrees that will finish off the cooking process. Furthermore, resting the meat will let the juices redistribute evenly, which means you can have a tender and juicy Wagyu steak. 
  • Save the fat: Have a cooking vessel ready to catch the fat so you can save it. You can store the Wagyu fat in glass jars and you can use it in lieu of oil or butter in your other meals. Trust us, it’s going to be amazing!

Take a Light-Hearted Approach

Grilling Wagyu steak can be intimidating, but remember, cooking should be fun. Also, you have a piece (or pieces) of one of the most-coveted steaks in the world, so make the most out of it. Enjoy the process and stock up on knowledge and some tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible. 

Also, another tip before you go—make sure you get high-quality and legit Wagyu steak! Therefore, research properly to find authentic suppliers of this specific Japanese beef. If you’re grilling it at home, you want to make sure it’s the real thing, right? Fortunately, there are plenty of Wagyu steak suppliers you can get it from today.