Wagyu beef is recognized around the world as one of the highest quality meats. While Wagyu was once meat you could only purchase in Japan, it is now sold around the world by select farmers who understand the intricacies of raising these cattle and what is needed to ensure that the meat’s quality is superior to any other piece of meat available.

At Maries River Wagyu, we take quality seriously. All of our meats come from cattle that have been carefully raised, exercising expert techniques adopted from the original Japanese farmers. Our farm-raised Wagyu is incomparable to other types of steaks, and we believe that all our customers deserve only the best. If you visit the Maries River online store, you can taste for yourself. 

While many people know and love the tender and buttery texture of a Wagyu steak, many think that a Wagyu cow looks just like a regular cow. If you are driving through farmlands looking at herds of cattle, these are most likely not Wagyu. If you want to identify Wagyu cattle correctly, you need to look for a few unique characteristics.

Coat Color & Horns

Unlike most cattle you see that are a mixture of black, white, and brown, Wagyu cattle generally have a single coat color that ranges from dark black to red. Along with the dark solid color, the coat tends to be much shinier and thicker than a standard cattle. 

Many farmers feed their cattle rice-straw and sometimes beer, which helps improve their coat’s health. There have even been instances where the farmer will massage the coats with sake as the coat and skin health is often correlated to the meat’s taste and quality. 

The horns of the Wagyu cattle are also a distinguishing factor. They are usually straight and will curve slightly forward. At the base, they are usually a white color that darkens closer to the tip turning black.


Wagyu cattle have received international praise for their natural genetic qualities. They are very healthy animals that can withstand a wide range of climate conditions. As such, they are often very peaceful animals with low-stress levels. 

As they remain relaxed throughout their upbringing, they tend to experience smooth growth periods without any issues regarding meat production. Many believe their natural temperament to be a primary reason why their meat is unlike any other.

A Superior Breed

Wagyu cattle are hands down a superior breed of cattle. From their thick and dark coat to their peaceful temperament, it is no wonder their meat’s quality is better. Most standard American cattle are often fed poor diets, pumped with antibiotics, and live short, unhealthy lives. This meat is not only going to taste worse, but it is also not as healthy.

At Maries River Wagyu, we pride ourselves on breeding the finest Wagyu cattle in America. Our dedicated farmers and staff ensure that the cattle live pleasant lives, which then translates into our product’s quality. 

Head to our online store today to peruse our delicious selection of mouth-watering meats, and never hesitate to give us a call to learn more about our cattle.