Biting into a thick juicy cut of steak is an experience held dearly in the hearts of Americans across the nation. A single bite may get your taste buds jumping as you relax into a state of bliss. But if you are someone who basks in the glory of a fine cut of steak, you will be even more impressed when you try Wagyu beef. 

While America has long been a leader in beef production worldwide, the quality of meat is nothing compared to Wagyu. Unlike traditional cattle farms, Wagyu farmers like Maries River prioritize the herd’s health and care, ensuring that they are fed and looked after according to strict Japanese standards. 

As there are a staggering number of differences between the average steak and farm-raised Wagyu, it is easier to grasp its superiority by looking at the superior dining experience and the unmatched care of the cattle. You can further quench your curiosity when you buy Wagyu steaks online from Maries River.

The Superior Wagyu Experience

Unlike an average steak, which can be cooked by anyone and is served everywhere, Wagyu beef delivers you a superior eating experience. There is a reason why food connoisseurs worldwide praise Wagyu beef and see it as one of the most highly regarded foods on the planet.

The intense marbling and rich fat content allow the beef to be cooked in a matter of seconds, so when you take a bite,  it melts on your tongue, rather than making you chew until your jaw’s sore. The experience is far unlike sitting down and gnawing down on a diner steak. Eating Wagyu is celebratory. What better way to give thanks for life and food than to indulge in American Wagyu?

The Unmatched Care For The Cattle

The term Wagyu refers to the cattle, as an Angus steak refers to an Angus cattle. Unlike the care for the standard American cow, where comfort and feed are not prioritized, Wagyu cattle are pampered throughout their life. This includes giving them roaming space where they can graze, ensuring they are stress-free. As the quality of life affects taste, the difference is expressed through a fine cut of Wagyu beef.

When you purchase a standard steak at restaurants or in a grocery store, you can never be too sure what unethical and unhealthy quality of life the cattle have endured. Often these cows are raised on antibiotics and fed a low-quality diet, impacting their meat.

Try For Yourself

The farmers at Marie River Wagyu ensure that their land is rich and fertile with healthy grass and open space so that every product meets Japanese Wagyu standards. These farmers make it their life’s duty to ensure their cattle are fed the proper diet so that their customers receive nothing short of the best.

If you want to truly understand Wagyu beef’s superior quality, substitute a standard cut of steak for premium American Wagyu. Its unique visual appearance and renowned taste will make the difference crystal clear.