Wagyu beef has seen a surge in popularity over the last few years. It’s present in menus at high-end restaurants and gastropubs but also barbecue parties and tailgates. Celebrity chefs can’t stop talking about it, and it is highly sought after by beef lovers looking to delight themselves with one of the most premium meat products in existence. So that begs the question, what makes its flavor so unique? The answer entails various tasty reasons, and here are some of them.

A Little Context

The Wagyu breed originated in Japan. They were first used for farmwork but were later bred under special rearing conditions to produce the delicacy revered by many today. There are many myths about how Wagyu cattle are raised. Some of the most popular include being massaged and fed beer all day long. That sure sounds like a life worth of envy! In reality, breeders set themselves very high standards when raising Wagyu Cattle, taking great care of their diet and living conditions. Wagyu breeding is genuinely an art form that takes time and effort to perfect.

Wagyu beef is produced worldwide, but one of the best examples of meticulous breeding and super quality comes from the United States. American Wagyu is renowned for its superb quality and taste.

So Much Flavor

So what exactly makes Wagyu Beef so irresistibly mouth-watering? No other type of beef in the market has the superior marbling found in Wagyu. Marbling refers to the layers of intramuscular fat found in the meat. Wagyu is highly marbled, making it a guarantee for great taste.

Wagyu has a high level of fat; this is also one of the main contributors to that cherished flavor profile. Many enthusiasts of Wagyu beef describe the incomparable sensation when it melts in their mouths. That is possible due to the fat content and its perfect melting point. All of this combines to make it tender and juicy like no other bite of meat in the world.

Having a high-fat content doesn’t make Wagyu an unhealthy food, on the contrary. Because of its fat content, it’s packed with a generous amount of beneficial fatty acids such as Omega-6 and Omega-3. Its growing popularity has also brought experimentation in the kitchen. Wagyu beef has proven to be a versatile ingredient, perfect for aging and enjoyed in multiple recipes, from traditional Japanese preparations to the most succulent burgers.

Wagyu means excellence, high standards and a rich tradition. Its taste has no comparison, and those who try it will undoubtedly want to relieve that experience time and time again. Why not treat yourself to some top-notch Wagyu, proudly raised in the U.S.A? Visit our website to learn about our delicious offerings and buy Wagyu steaks online. Our beef is raised in humane conditions and never given any hormones or antibiotics, resulting in a rich flavor and silky texture. To learn more about our offerings and shopping options visit our website today.