Family dinners are a time when you get to recount your day, share thoughts and opinions, and give thanks for the life you have worked hard to achieve. Even when these dinners may be less frequent, it does not diminish the significance of these occasions. 

When a family dinner is on the calendar, whether it’s daily, once a week, or a couple of times a month, having a hearty gourmet meal accompanying the gathering offers a lot. This includes lifting spirits and invoking a sense of comfort and satisfaction.

When you add a Wagyu beef brisket onto your family dinner menu, you guarantee an event to remember. As these gatherings hold a special place in your heart, they deserve an exceptional meal. As there is not much else that can measure up against the impeccable, buttery taste of a flaky and soft Wagyu brisket dinner, it should be your first choice. 

Once you purchase your farm-raised Wagyu online, you will undoubtedly benefit from having some brisket-prep tips up your sleeve. Thankfully, Marie Rivers Wagyu has got you covered with these fresh takes on a classic brisket dinner, Wagyu-style. 

Rub & Smoke

When cooking Wagyu beef brisket, you need first make sure you are cooking at the right temperature. Smoking brisket is an excellent way to extract the meat’s flavors while infusing it with a delicious smoky aroma. When smoking, you will need to first rub down your brisket with a mixture of brown sugar, smoked paprika, black pepper, salt, garlic & onion powder, mustard powder, and cayenne pepper.

Coating the brisket at least eight hours before smoking will create a more intense, juicy flavor. After you have waited, wrap the brisket and smoke it until it reaches a temperature of 185 degrees Fahrenheit, then let it sit. Any hotter, and the fat could melt away. 

Barbequed With Chimichurri

Chimichurri or Argentian pesto is a delicious, herb-based sauce that can be added to various meals. Luckily, it pairs incredibly with the sweet and rich flavors of barbeque brisket. Prepare your Wagyu beef by marinating it in your favorite barbeque sauce. Those with notes of mesquite and hickory tend to work best. 

Slow-cook your brisket at a low temperature on the barbecue, or you can use a slow cooker. Once the brisket has cooked thoroughly and it is flaky and juicy, you can top it with fresh chimichurri. The fresh herbs and garlic paired with the sweet and savory brisket will create a taste you won’t be able to forget.

Start With Premium Meat

If you want your family’s next brisket dinner to be one for the books, why not spring for farm-raised Wagyu? By starting your culinary adventure with premium American Wagyu, you guarantee the best possible outcome. 

The rich and buttery meat paired with an expertly-prepared rub will ensure the meat’s natural flavors are complimented. By opting for toppings like chimichurri, you can add a bit of freshness to every bite. Soon you will be buying Wagyu beef weekly for you and your family to enjoy.