In every industry and product market, vendors sell imitation products and highly convincing look-alikes. While these may convince customers they’re buying the real deal, the low quality will have them forking over hard-earned money, only to get a fake product.

When it comes to Wagyu beef, its high praise, delectable taste, and incomparable status as the world’s best meat makes an area of vulnerability to those who would want to scam Wagyu beef lovers. When you buy Wagyu steaks online or from a local shop, you should always inspect the product so you can guarantee its authenticity.

Maries River Wagyu is a shining example of a Wagyu provider that prioritizes customer satisfaction and genuine American Wagyu. With over 20 years of experience fostering one of the most extensive Wagyu herds in Missouri, there is no better place to buy authentic Wagyu steaks online.

As you may not be a beef aficionado, you will want to have an authenticity checklist in your back pocket. Below are some ways to safeguard yourself from opportunistic dealers and guarantee you are only buying real Wagyu beef.

Wagyu’s Authenticity: How to Determine an Authentic Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu’s Authenticity: Visual Distinctions

Farm-raised Wagyu is unlike any other meat on the market. Its raw appearance is distinct and unique, so performing a visual inspection can help you to guarantee authenticity. A genuine cut of Wagyu beef is so marbled that it is pinker than a typical red slice of beef. Throughout the United States, many shops slap high price tags on mediocre cuts of beef and market them as Wagyu. If you take a closer look, the fat dots on the muscle will be absent. As these visual distinctions set Wagyu beef apart, you can eliminate the risk and spend time looking at the product before buying.

Wagyu’s Authentic & Unrivaled Taste

When you bite into a morsel of Wagyu beef, it will melt in your mouth. The higher concentrations of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids provide a butter-like texture you won’t find in any other beef. The meat will require little to no seasoning as the flavor is rich and savory. If you buy meat advertised as American Wagyu, only to bite into a seemingly chewy, lean, and bland piece of meat, you are not eating Wagyu, but instead any low-grade beef.

A Reliable Wagyu Source

It would be best if you never bought Wagyu unless you have checked out the vendor’s backstory. As Wagyu originally comes from Japan, only farmers in the USA who have adopted the correct breeding techniques and developed their farms from Japanese cattle sell authentic products. Suppliers like Maries River Wagyu not only have a backstory that fits the bill, but they are transparent about their breeding techniques and the history behind their genuine products.

As Wagyu beef’s superiority has garnered the attention of scammers worldwide, you should always take precautions when sourcing. Keep in mind Wagyu’s visual distinctions, its unrivaled taste, and most importantly, the supplier’s backstory.

Maries River Wagyu is a reliable and trustworthy source of fine Kobe beef. If you are someone who values standards and integrity, your loyalty to an authentic provider is paramount.