Sitting down to a perfect dish of grilled Wagyu beef is an experience like no other. The smoky flavor, crispy char, and buttery flesh bring life to your senses as a wave of contentment and satisfaction wash over you. While you may love the experience of eating a perfect piece of grilled Wagyu steak, it is not always easy to achieve.

At Maries River, our high-grade, delicate cuts of American Kobe are perfect for the barbecue, but if you don’t know how to grill it there right away, you may be left wasting a perfect piece of meat. 

Wagyu is a dish to be savored, so taking your time to grill it the right way is a guaranteed path towards culinary heaven. To safeguard your next Wagyu beef dinner from some common grilling mistakes, check out some of the helpful tips Maries River Wagyu has provided below.

  1. Prepare Your Beef & Your Grill

Like many things, preparation accounts for most of the work. When it comes to Wagyu grilling, this is right on the mark. Preparing the beef and the grill is essential if you want a steak that will melt in your mouth. You can begin by turning on your barbeque and letting it sit until it reaches around 500F.

For the beef preparation, you should make sure it is at room temperature before cooking, while also patting it dry so no excess water or moisture is on the skin as this can prevent the meat from browning quickly. Once it is dry, add some salt and a pinch of oil.

  1. Adhere To The 3-Minute Rule

Three minutes tends to be the ideal time to cook Wagyu beef on the barbecue, per side. Once the grill has reached 500F, you can add your beef and shut the lid. After three minutes, you can then turn over the beef, making sure to place it on diagonal for the hatch marks. 

Three minutes on each side will yield a rare, delicious Wagyu filet, but if you want to cook it a little longer, remember that every additional three minutes will warm the steak another 10-15 degrees.

  1. Let It Sit Before Serving

One of the most vital steps you cannot forget when grilling farm-raised Wagyu is letting the meat sit before serving. It is a common mistake to throw the steak directly onto a dinner platter, which can affect your meal’s quality. It would be best if you let it sit for around 3-10 minutes. By doing this, you allow the meat’s temperatures to equalize, thus retaining all the juices. After sitting, the meat will be ready to cut and serve. 

With a perfectly grilled steak, charred to perfection, sitting on your plate, you are ready to indulge. While it may take you a couple of tries to grill the steak to its full potential, every try gets you closer. For your next Wagyu dinner, make sure to buy Wagyu steaks online from Maries River web-based store.