If you like to eat healthily and experiment in the kitchen, you may be looking for alternative methods for cooking your beef. While you can cook a steak by throwing it on the grill or frying pan, using steam is also extremely effective. When cooking Wagyu beef, steam can unlock the delicious mouth-watering flavor without adding any extra calories to the meal. Not to mention, the result is bound to be moist and juicy.

Throughout Japan, Wagyu beef’s native country, steam cooking has long been a traditional way of preparing food. You can even bring your raw vegetables and meat and steam them over a natural hot spring in some places. The culture values this method as it is healthy, gentle, and additive-free. Many also believe it is an excellent way to bring out the food’s authentic flavors rather than skewing it with smoke or fire.

Best Wagyu For Steaming

If you think that steaming Wagyu beef is something you will want to try, it helps to know which cut of beef will be the most effective. At Maries River online store, you can purchase farm-raised Wagyu in a variety of cuts. For your steaming adventure, it is best to use a thicker cut of beef so that you can cut out the right portions for steaming. Brisket or a K.C. Strip will do perfectly. 

Once you have chosen the beef, you can opt for thinly sliced pieces of Wagyu beef or try to steam larger portions. Depending on the size of the pieces you steam, the cooking time will vary. It may take a bit of trial and error, but you can repeat it for next time once you determine the ideal size.

Preparing and Steaming

With your cut of beef on hand, lightly salted, you can take a sharp knife and opt for either thinly sliced beef or thicker. Thinly-sliced Wagyu is famous in Japan but steaming a thicker piece is possible. It just takes a bit longer.

Once you have the pieces cut, turn on a double boiler or a pot of hot water with a steaming rack. Once the water is boiling, lay your beef in the cooking area and let steam for anywhere from 30-40 minutes. If your beef is very thick, it could take over an hour. 

While it may take longer to cook Wagyu beef using steam, the result is an incredibly juicy, fall-apart piece of meat that will have you anticipating each bite not wanting the meal to end. 

Try It Today

Whether you are already a Wagyu enthusiast, making sure it’s on the menu at least once a week, or just starting to discover the wonders of this meat, steaming is a great way to indulge in its buttery texture and unparalleled taste.

While it may not be how you’re used to cooking beef, there is no harm in trying it out. If you prefer the grill, you can always head back to Maries River’s online store for your next steak cookout.