What you put in your body has drastic effects on your mental and physical health. If you are not buying food that is high quality, you may inadvertently be adding harmful additives to your diet that can have potentially long term effects. When it comes to buying meat, prioritizing high quality must be one of the first steps you take.

At Maries River Wagyu, we are dedicated to delivering you the highest quality meat money can buy. Our online store can meet your needs wherever you are in America. No longer do you need to be tempted by whatever is available at your local grocery outlet. With top-grade American Wagyu just a click away, there is no reason for you to be purchasing lower-quality meat products.

You Know What You’re Getting

The primary reason why you should always buy meat that is high quality and from a reputable source is because you can guarantee the product you receive. Unlike many unbranded products or cheap grocery giveaways, high-quality meat is predictable and does not contain anything unfavorable.

When you see a good deal on some meatballs at the grocery store or a package of ground beef, these can often contain other types of meat other than that listed on the label. Many retailers and restaurants marketing beef have been discovered to be selling meat that contains other animal products. In many cases, these products are not properly inspected, triggering recalls far after people have made purchases.

Keeps You Away From Synthetic Additives

Even meats marketed as top-grade at a grocery store can contain synthetic additives. These additives can include chemicals that make the meat look more desirable, dyes, and even preservatives that prolong shelf-life. If you want to steer clear of these additives, you should source your meat directly from a butcher or farm.

Maries River has farm-raised Wagyu, the highest quality meat you can buy. You can guarantee a steak from here is not going to have any chemical or synthetic additives.

The Diet Of The Cattle

One thing that sets high-quality Wagyu beef apart from all other steaks on the market is the cattle’s care. While the breed of the cattle is entirely different from a standard cow, they are also fed a nutritious diet, carried over into their meat. Large scale industrial-sized cattle farms will often feed their animals grains such as corn for the sole purpose of bulking them up, so they yield more meat.

In their pursuit of quantity, they sacrifice quality by adding antibiotics, growth hormones, and other harmful ingredients to their diet. When you eat meat from these types of cows, it can have severe consequences on your body.

If you take your diet seriously and want to provide your family with the highest quality meat available, American Kobe from Maries River is your best bet.

By purchasing your meat directly from the farmer, you ensure quality is not sacrificed at any point along the production line. Contact us today to find more about the Wagyu difference.