There is nothing better than a meal made with high-quality ingredients. If it’s a steak meal, then there isn’t anything better than farm-raised wagyu. And while this extraordinary ingredient is most definitely going to be the star of the show, this doesn’t mean that some great beverages shouldn’t accompany it.

The classic pairing for a steak meal is red wine, but this is a massive generalization as not all red wines are made the same. And while wine and red meat is a classic pairing, there is also terrain for enthusiasts to think out of the box when choosing that perfect beverage to accompany their American Wagyu.


Humans have been producing wine for a very long time. It was present in many ancient cultures and, to this day, remains a cherished drink throughout the world. Countries like France and Italy have winemaking traditions that span generations. At the same time, countries like the United States and Chile have also proven to be ideal locations to produce wines that are on par with those made in Europe.

Why does red wine pair well with Wagyu beef? The answer has to do with the high amount of tannins present in certain red wines. Tannins give the wine a dry character that balances well with the superb fattiness of farm-raised Wagyu.

The pairing will also depend on how the Wagyu beef is prepared. A charcoal grill will produce a smokey flavor profile; this calls for a full-bodied wine and high in tannins like a Shiraz. Cuts that are higher in fat marbling, such as those found on American Wagyu, pair well with a Merlot or a Pinot Noir.


While whisky is a very potent spirit that can overshadow the taste of pretty much anything, it wasn’t uncommon to see customers at steakhouses drink it throughout the meal. Nowadays, there are high-end restaurants that pair Wagyu beef with high-quality Japanese whisky. And while this may be a daring thing to do, you might want to save the whisky as an after-meal treat. When it comes to America Wagyu, you really want it to shine, and whisky can be too overpowering.

After an incredible steak meal, a good recommendation is to enjoy a fragrant Irish whisky with a little dash of water to help liberate the aroma.

Other Daring Options

There are endless pairing options ranging from Mezcal to Stout Beer. And while all of these beverages have their own place and moment, be careful when choosing them to pair Wagyu beef. Remember, you won’t want to compromise its supreme flavor. If you want a more traditional option, you can always go the Japanese way and look for a great bottle of full-bodied Sake.

When it comes to pairing beverages with American Wagyu, there are no compromises to be made. The beef will always be the centerpiece of any meal. Choosing the right accompaniment can elevate the meal to a higher level. Just remember than when choosing beverages, some are better saved for after that memorable Wagyu beef experience.