While primetime grilling season may be coming to a close, it doesn’t mean that you can’t throw on a jacket and fire up the barbecue or use a stovetop griller to make yourself some burgers. Burgers are one of America’s all-time favorite foods, and while many classic recipes may have once sufficed, when you add Wagyu beef to the mix, the flavor combinations are endless.

There are often myths surrounding Wagyu beef, that it is best served on its own and should not be paired with other types of food. While Wagyu is incredible on its own, it doesn’t mean you can’t further enhance the flavor by adding some mouth-watering toppings. 

However, before you start piling on the ketchup and mustard, you should consider switching it up and try out some of these gourmet Wagyu burger recipes. They are sure to get your culinary creativity flowing. 

Japanese-Style Katsu Dressings

For an ode to Wagyu’s Japanese roots, preparing and dressing your Wagyu katsu-style will not only spark an explosion of delight in every bite but have you rethinking the way you prepare burgers. You can begin by coating your raw farm-raised Wagyu burger in a panko crust and frying it up in peanut oil. The patty will be crunchy on the outside and beef-buttery on the inside. 

Once the burger is done, add to your bun and top with fresh-made slaw, including pear and cilantro, and katsu barbecue sauce. The combination of the tangy coleslaw, the sweet barbecue sauce, and the crisp Wagyu will have you craving this every weekend.

Caramelized Onions, Wine, & Cheese 

As you probably know, one of Wagyu’s most cherished and longtime companions is aromatic and full-bodied red wine. However, most people don’t think about combining their red-wine into their Wagyu beef burgers. Begin by frying up an onion in butter. Once the onion has softened, you can add in your favorite red wine. Malbec works best.

As the mixture cooks, the onions will caramelize, and the wine will thicken, creating a sweet and flavorful topping for the burger. You can then coat your Wagyu beef patties in salt and pepper, throw them on the grill (or frying pan), and just before they are done cooking, sprinkle with freshly grated gruyere. You can then top your burger with the onion-wine mixture and some fresh arugula. 

Italian Countryside Toppings

An excellent way to keep your Wagyu beef burger light for a Sunday lunch is to opt for toppings reminiscent of the Italian countryside. Start by crisping up some fresh pieces of prosciutto in a pan. You can then sear your Wagyu beef burgers on each side, cooking to your preferred texture. 

Once the burger has finished, combine some fresh mascarpone with gorgonzola cheese. You can then add the tangy cheese on top of the burger, spread fresh fig jam on both buns, and top it with the crispy prosciutto. The saltiness from the prosciutto, sweet figs, fresh cheese, and buttery Wagyu will have you making this a Sunday staple. 

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