Preparing for an American Wagyu experience shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’ll want to get the most flavor out of that exceptional ingredient. Now it’s time to find a great online provider and buy a few cuts to enjoy with family and friends. The question is, which cuts should you choose? Fortunately, there is one for every palate and preparation. Here are a few highlights and tips on how to cook them.

Wagyu Cuts

Filet Cut

When you choose to cook humanely raised Wagyu beef, you are in for a treat. Although tenderness is synonymous with the kind of beef, the filet is its maximum expression. This delicate yet flavourful cut comes from a part of the cow that doesn’t get a lot of strain or use, resulting in a juicy and tender cut. You probably won’t need your knife for this one! This cut is perfect for pan searing and combining with sauces, great for a special dinner. 

Ribeye Cut

If you want to experience the absolute best Kobe beef experience, then look no further than ribeye. This prized cut has a superior fat marbling that makes it a dream come true for any meat lover. This is a versatile cut and holds up very well when grilled over charcoal or in a cast-iron skillet. You want to let the ingredients speak for themselves. Salt, pepper, a couple of sprigs of rosemary, and some butter to finish up, you won’t need much more! This is a great cut to share with other meat lovers. It pairs great with summertime barbeques. 

Kansas City Strip

Move aside, New York! Here comes the K.C Strip. This cut of farm-raised Wagyu is simply fat marbling perfection. Its intense flavors are surely going to delight you and keep you coming for more. It’s outlined with a generous layer of fat that gets crispy when cooked. This is another good one to grill over coal or on a cast-iron skillet. Make sure you have some amazing wine to accompany your cuts.


Who doesn’t love a great hamburger? This is a food item that can be dressed up or down. When you want to elevate those tasty burgers to the stratosphere, there’s no better way to do it than with American Wagyu. Are you feeling like a little outdoors barbeque or maybe a high-end tailgate? Surprise everyone with the superb taste or a Kobe beef burger. Keep it proudly American with some fantastic cheddar cheese and some sauteed mushrooms. And why not throw a little bacon in there? No burger is complete without it!

There’s nothing quite like enjoying some Wagyu Beef. And while the taste of this amazing meat doesn’t need much help to shine, it’s good to learn the best cuts for any given preparation. Now that you know how to make the best selection, it’s time to order some Kobe Beef, turn your grill on, and get your skillet out.